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Pregnancy and childbirth in Ukraine: how to become a mother of a healthy baby?

According to statistics, in 2021, an average of 1,292 babies are born in Ukraine every day. If you plan to join the ranks of happy moms in the coming years, you need to start preparing for pregnancy right now.

For example, tell me: do you know the indicators of folic acid in your body? Folic acid (vitamin B9) is also called the “pregnancy vitamin”, because the health of the future person and how the pregnancy will go depends on its sufficient amount.

How does folic acid work if you are planning a pregnancy?

The first and most important task of folic acid in the body of a pregnant woman is to reduce the possibility of developing congenital malformations in the baby, in particular the neural tube, on which the entire nervous system of the future person will depend.

According to statistics, folic acid deficiency is present in more than half of women of childbearing age. Even if you carefully monitor your diet and try to balance it as much as possible, the amount of folic acid supplied with the products will not be enough if you are planning a pregnancy.

From what foods does B9 enter your body?

Vitamin is contained in poultry offal, liver (lamb, veal, pork), boiled legumes and beans, boiled spinach, broccoli and asparagus, linseed oil.

The intake and consumption of folic acid is not cumulative, in small quantities it is synthesized by the intestinal microflora, therefore regular monitoring of indicators is the responsibility of every woman who is planning a pregnancy.

Fatigue, weakness, irritability and shortness of breath can signal that the body lacks vitamin B9. In this case, it is recommended to take an analysis and ask the doctor to prescribe the necessary dosage at the stage when you are planning a pregnancy.

It is extremely important to make up for folic acid deficiency before the doctor confirms the pregnancy in order to minimize the risk of premature birth, anemia, hydrocephalus and other pathologies provoked by its lack.

Folic acid at the stage of pregnancy planning

The total recommended dosage 3 months before conception and the expected pregnancy is 800 mcg / day. If you do not have a deficiency during the study, the doctor may reduce the dosage.

In the portfolio of the company “Novalik” there is a German folic acid-based drug “Folio Forte” (Sterripharm), which contains:

— folic acid (800 mcg);

— iodine (150 mcg);

— vitamin D3 (20 mcg);

— vitamin B12 (9 mcg).

With a deficiency of folic acid, it is recommended to start taking Folio Forte before conception, until the moment when pregnancy occurs and after - up to 12 weeks.

If the indicators are normal, pay attention to the “Folio Classic” or “Folio D3”, which contain 400 micrograms of folic acid and fully cover the daily need of the expectant mother's body for this vitamin.

Iodine for women who are expecting pregnancy

It is important for a pregnant woman to provide the body with the necessary amount of iodine: the development of the intellectual functions of the baby depends on the condition and functioning of the thyroid gland. In the first trimester, thyroid hormones are responsible for the formation of the baby's cerebral cortex and its nervous system, as well as the inner ear. The recommended amount of iodine at this stage is 150-250 mcg. In one Folio tablet contains 150 mcg of iodine.

General recommendations for women who are planning a pregnancy

To understand how ready you are for a new role and, most importantly, how ready your body is, it is very important to pass a number of tests.

These include:

a general blood test (it will show the presence of infections or inflammation in the body);

a blood test for biochemistry (it will show how well your — heart, liver, kidneys work);

check for HIV, hepatitis B and C, syphilis;

do a blood type and Rh factor test to prevent Rh conflict during pregnancy.

These tests should be passed by both future parents, after which the family doctor will determine how ready they are for pregnancy.

And a few more important points for pregnant women …

Pregnancy is a wonderful period during which you will be able to spend more time learning about yourself and, very soon, communicating with the future baby.

All the vitamins that a pregnant woman's body needs come from food (in insufficient quantities) and from dietary supplements. As mentioned above, maintaining folic acid levels is necessary for both mom and baby.

1 Folio tablet during pregnancy covers the daily need for folic acid, supports the mother's body and ensures healthy fetal development.

Choose your “Folio” on the website of the pharmaceutical company “Novalik”, or search in pharmacies in Ukraine and have an easy pregnancy!