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According to WHO the vein varicose of the lower extremities affects about half of all women over 40 years and about 25% of men and about 60% of the adult population in the developed countries have a predisposition to varicose disease.


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According to WHO the vein varicose of the lower extremities affects about half of all women over 40 years and about 25% of men and about 60% of the adult population in the developed countries have a predisposition to varicose disease.

Venous disease is for a long time hidden and has no symptoms at the early stages. Today there are no analogues of the venotonic medicinal product in the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market. The innovation of the Austrian company Sanwezza Lab GmbH is that they created a powerful new formula – «three in one», they combined in a single product the active components of two major groups of venotonics. The product Venoda includes the seed extract of Horse Chestnut (with a high concentration of escin), Diosmin and Hesperidin, which enhance and complement each other’s action”.

The specific feature of the natural venotonic Venoda is a rapid start and long-term effect. Escin asa  part of the product rapidly enters the bloodstream reaching the maximum concentration in the first hours after administration. Effect of Diosmin and Hesperidin develops gradually but lasts much longer. Thus, the effect of Venoda starts from the very first hours and lasts more than a day!

With the combination of three of the most effective natural venotropic substances the developers provided the consumer with a new and original product, which has more powerful and complex effect on the venous system in comparison with other venotonics. The unique combination of escin, diosmin and hesperidin causes venotonic, angioprotective, decongestant, antiplatelet and analgesic action. Thus, Venoda affects almost all chains in the development of the venous disease.

The convenience of administration and economic efficiency of Venoda are also obvious: it is advisable to buy one package of the product, «three in one» than two packages of different types of drugs – containing escin and diosmin with hesperidin.

The product with a unique composition of three venotropic substances produces a powerful therapeutic effect in vein diseases and prevents severe complications.



Dietary supplement to food ration


Natural complex venotonic to normalize the functional state of the vessels, prevent and reduce venous insufficiency of various origins. The product has venotonic, angioprotective, decongestant, antiplatelet and analgesic action.


Composition: 1 capsule contains active ingredients: extract of horse chestnut seeds – 100 mg (escin – 20 mg); Seville orange extract – 150 mg (diosmine – 135 mg); hesperidin – 30mg. Excipients: aerosil, magnesium stearate, lactose, microcrystalline cellulose.


Food (nutritious) and energy value (calories) per 100 g of dietary supplement: proteins – 5 g, carbohydrates – 1.2 g, fat – 0 g, 24.8 kcal (103.8 kJ).


Product form: capsules with weight content 290 mg № 60.


Functional properties.

It is recommended as an additional source of biologically active venotropic substances – diosmin, hesperidin, and escin. The functional properties of VENODA are determined by an optimal combination of three plant extracts that complement and significantly enhance the effect of each other, resulting in a complex – venous, angioprotective, decongestant, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect in vascular diseases.

Horse chestnut seed extract contains natural venotropic substances: triterpensaponins under the general name escin (20%), bioflavonoids, rutin, carotenoids, vitamins K, P, B group, polysaccharides.
Escin has an expressed anti-inflammatory, decongestant and capillary protective action, improves skin tone and reduces capillary fragility, normalizes vascular wall condition, facilitates the movement of blood through the vessels, improves lymph and venous outflow. It enhances blood anticoagulant activity, reduces exudation, inflammation and swelling, including postoperative and traumatic, and helps to prevent the development of hematomas (bruises). Consequently, Escin faster (compared with bioflavonoids) eliminates the feeling of heaviness in the lower limbs. Diosmin and Hesperidin are bioflavonoids of a plant originDiosmin, which is contained in the extract of Seville orange, increases the tone of venous and lymphatic vessels, reduces venous and lymphatic stasis, strengthens capillary walls and reduces their permeability, it has anti-inflammatory, antiplatelet and decongestants properties, improves microcirculation, and tissue trophism.
Hesperidin also increases vascular tone, strengthens the walls of blood vessels and reduces their permeability, it has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, spasmolytic and wound healing properties, improves the rheological properties of blood, peripheral blood circulation and lymph flow. The physiological effect of diosmin and hesperidin is revealed gradually, but it is characterized by a considerable duration.


Recommendations for use.

It is recommended as a dietary supplement to the food ration for varicose veins, acute and chronic thrombophlebitis, post-thrombophlebitic syndrome and to prevent and reduce swelling, pain, spasmus and feeling of heaviness in the lower limbs, as well as to prevent and reduce the manifestations of acute and chronic hemorrhoids.


Dosage and administration.

Adults shall take 1 capsule 2–3 times a day during meals with water. Treatment cycle is 2 months, if necessary. it may be repeated several times a year. Do not exceed the recommended day dose. It is recommended to consult a doctor before administration.



hypersensitivity to the constituents, pregnancy and lactation.



store in an original container at a temperature of 4 °C to 25 °C in a dark, dry place; keep away from children.


Batch number: on the packaging.


Production date: on the packaging.


Shelf life: 24 months from production date.


Manufacturer: Novalik-Pharm LLC.

08128, Ukraine, Kyiv Region, Kyivo-Sviatoshyn District, Mila Village, 23L Komarova Str.

Тел.: (044) 496-28-38. E-mail:


Location of production facilities:

20741, Cherkassy region, Smelianskyi district, Sunky Village, 1 Lenin Str.


ТU У 15.8-36852896-001:2011


Produced on the basis of standardized herbal extracts manufactured by companies «NATUREX» and «EUSA» (France).

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