Novalik is a modern pharmaceutical enterprise specialized in development, production, registration, promotion and distribution of medicines, dietary supplements, cosmetics and hygiene products.

In the field of pharmaceutical product manufacturing Novalik uses the latest scientific developments in the field of pharmacy and medicine, experience of the world leaders in pharmaceutical industry and modern technologies, as well as high-quality standardized extracts and substances mostly imported from the European companies.

The Company possesses production facilities that have national and international certificates of ISO and GMP compliance, which allows to guarantee high quality products.

Our staff is a motivated and cohesive team that is seriously trained and has proved professional qualification by implementing various international projects. That’s why millions of consumers not only in Ukraine, but also abroad trust the products of Novalik.

We always quickly and properly inform doctors and pharmacist all around Ukraine due to our strong cadres of medical representatives. We have established the close cooperation with doctors of many specialties: rheumatologists, neurologists, traumatologists, surgeons, urologists, gynecologists, gastroenterologists, and family doctors.


Areas of our work

Search and development of composition and manufacturing technology for various products for health.

Selection and supply with high-quality and certified by international standards raw materials.

Procedures of product registration and re-registration of medicines, dietary supplements, cosmetics and hygiene products.

Organization of production is closely monitored – from the very preparation of raw materials to the final packing.

Promotion with a focus on image making and increasing brand awareness.

Sale to the distributors, large and small networks of pharmacies and final buyers through own website, marketplaces and international market.