Ukrainian company Novalik will take part in the annual pharmaceutical exhibition CPhI Worldwide 2014 in Paris

October 7-9, 2014 in Paris take place the key pharmaceutical industry exhibition and conference CPhI Worldwide, which annually attracts suppliers of substances, manufacturers and distributors of pharmaceutical products, as well as top experts in the field of pharmacy. This prestigious event always reflects the latest trends in the pharmaceutical industry. On these forums for the first time for the attention of visitors appear pharmaceutical innovations that are the result of many years of work. This year – it is the 25th anniversary event, which will bring together 2,200 exhibitors and 34,000 visitors from 140 countries.

The exhibition consists of four thematic exhibitions:

CPhI Worldwide 2014: pharmaceutical ingredients, dosage forms, excipients, biologics, natural extracts;

ICSE 2014: contract manufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry;

P-MEC Europe 2014: machinery, equipment, industrial technology;

InnoPack 2014: packaging for pharmaceutical industry.

“The annual exhibition CPhI Worldwide – a meeting place for the global pharmaceutical community, source new suppliers, an ideal platform for building and deepening relationships with existing partners and to identify new opportunities for our business. This year in France we plan to conclude contracts with a number of leading European manufacturers as well as manufacturers of Malaysia and China on contract manufacturing modern drugs under our own brand”, says Natalia Sergeyko, head of Novalik. These medicinal products, we plan to deliver both on Ukrainian market and the markets of other countries.

Using the capabilities of this exhibition to show the achievements and support of products introduction to the domestic pharmaceutical industry, the company Novalik will present jointly developed with Austrian experts, innovative natural immunomodulator with anti-inflammatory action on the basis of beta-glucans. This is an original product, compared to existing beta-glucan drugs in Europe, has a new improved composition of immunotrophic substance that causes a more powerful impact on all parts of the immune system (the cellular and humoral immunity). At the same time, the drug effectively reduces the severity of inflammation.

Novalik is a modern pharmaceutical enterprise specialized in developing and manufacturing innovative and reasonable for consumers pharmaceutical products at the same time: medicinal products, biologically active supplements, cosmetics and hygiene products. In the field of pharmaceutical product manufacturing Novalik-Pharm uses the latest scientific developments in the field of pharmacy and medicine, experience of the world leaders in pharmaceutical industry and modern technologies, as well as  high-quality standardized extracts and substances mostly imported from the European companies. Novalik manufactures and promotes DryVir, Tribustim, Venoda.