Novalik Pharmaceutical Company

Novalik is a modern pharmaceutical company that specializes in the development, production and import of both its own and foreign innovative and at the same time affordable pharmaceutical products for consumers: medicines, biologically active additives, cosmetics and hygiene products. In the production of pharmaceutical products, Novalik uses the latest scientific developments in the field of pharmacy and medicine, the experience of world leaders in the pharmaceutical industry and modern technologies, as well as high-quality substances and standardized extracts of most European companies.

The production facilities used by the company have national and international certificates of compliance with ISO and GMP standards (good manufacturing practice), which allows us to guarantee high quality of products.

Our staff is a motivated and cohesive team that has undergone serious professional training and has confirmed its high qualifications during the implementation of various international projects. That is why Novalik products are trusted by millions of consumers not only in Ukraine, but also far beyond its borders. Our mission is to take care of the health, quality and life expectancy of people due to the development and launch of modern effective and affordable health products in strict accordance with European standards.